There are a lot of worthy causes out there to donate to if you're looking to donate some of your money to a charity organization. You can donate to help causes such as curing AIDS, providing needy third world country children with basic food and drink supplies or medicine, or the fights against cancer, Alzheimer's disease and Multiple Sclerosis, just to name a few. It doesn't take much from to donate to causes like these and they are all worthy of your money or volunteer services.

If you want to give back to your local community then you can also donate to the schools in your community. A lot of the schools around your community don't have an endless supply of funds available to them. In fact, many local schools struggle financially to get by and have to rely on funding from various sources. Just walk by the nearest school by your home and take a look at it. You probably noticed how old and worn down it looks.

Schools need funding to update their facilities and curriculum. There are a lot of schools that are teaching their students from textbooks that are decades old. Decades! What kind of an education is that? If your child goes to such a school then it's even more important that you give back to your local school community. Every dollar and cent counts.

The money you give to schools in your community will allow for them to provide their students with the resources and tools needed to get the best education possible. That school funding can be used to buy new textbooks, upgrade the computer system, get working projectors, renovate the interior or exterior of the building, hire new staff to attend to the large classrooms, buy extra school buses, go on educational field trips, etc.

By donating to the schools in your community you might be helping fund the education of future doctors, police officers, landscape designers, lawyers, teachers, or politicians, etc. Doesn't that make you want to donate even more? Donating always feels good. Donating to causes that help better the lives of children feels even better. So the next time you're wondering which cause you should donate to next you should consider the educational system. You'll be thankful that you did.

Donations for local schools is a concept that is supported by London's (click to view), who asks you to consider your own neighbourhood's needs. Thank you.

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