You find yourself on this section of our website because you were looking for information about corporate sponsorship so that you might find ideas for your company to get in on the action. So then let us tell you about corporate sponsorship. You probably already know what a sponsor is or what it means so let's take it from there.

When sponsoring something, be it a person, activity or organization, either financially or through products or services, you are saying that you back whatever it is you are sponsoring. You've probably been involved in some sort of sponsoring in your life at some point. Perhaps you sponsored your kids who were collecting money for charity or a friend who was running in a marathon to support breast cancer. If so, then you have first hand experience as a sponsor.

Now, corporate sponsorship is when a company or corporation sponsors an event, individual or organization. One area where you see tons of corporate sponsorship is sports. Look at NASCAR. Every driver is part of team that is sponsored by at least one corporation. Take a look at the hood of the cars driving in any NASCAR race and you will see decals for companies such as UPS, Coors Light or Target.

Corporate sponsorship is a win-win for every party involved. A company or corporation decides to sponsor something such as a charity marathon or college football championship bowl game not only because it brings good will but also because it provides them with plenty of good press. Something like an English Premier soccer game on TV is seen by millions of people.

A company or corporation sponsors each team and that means millions of people will be seeing and hearing about the corporate sponsors. That's a lot of publicity. Many corporations partake in corporate sponsorship on smaller levels in local communities because they want to give back to the community in some way. Some corporations will sponsor such things like Santa letter writing programs, toys for tots campaigns, food donation banks, or literacy awareness events.

If you own a business and want to sponsor something in your community look around to see who would need your money or services and find a way to partner up with them.

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