When you're looking at the progression of the Industrial Revolution and the key changes that were made with the rights of the workers one of the things that will definitely come up is strike action. It was shown that if a large body of workers who are not happy with their conditions while working, decide to stop work than this is a great incentive to make their bosses stand up and listen. There have been many successful strikes over the years. But there are many risks for those working as teachers or building medical radiation protection as well.

There are two things that generally contribute to the calling of a strike. Either the workers feel that they are not being properly compensated for their efforts or they feel that there needs to be a shift in power. When you're working in a small business it's quite easy to communicate with your boss when there's an issue. This is decidedly harder when you're working with a large body of managers and a union of employees. This is why you will mainly find strikes with larger companies.

Strikes and unions go hand in hand. This is not only going to act as the body who's going to work with your place of employment to secure a deal but will also be able to offer you some benefits and support during the strike. Unions were formed because an individual is usually quite powerless against their employer to institute change. But, if you're banding together as a whole than you can certainly make a difference. Many strikes affect more than just those working in that company. They could affect those living in the area or even people across the country.

There are many different steps that a union needs to go through before they can threaten to strike. There are also different levels of strikes that can occur when trying to change the mind of their employer. If you're not at a point where you would completely like to stop operations, than you might institute a slow-down. Many unions decide to do one of these things to show their employers all that they would lose if a full strike were to happen.

Many strikes that have been successful for the workers have also used the concept of a sympathy strike. This is when other unions in the same industry or working for the same company decide to strike to show their support. A general strike is one where all or most of the workers in that entire region choose to all step out of work together. This happened in France in 2005.

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