When you're working and get your paycheck you might look at the statement and wish a little that you didn't have to give a portion of it away to things like taxes and EI. But that attitude can certainly change when the factory you're working for is downsizing or you need to move and require some time to find a new job in your new location. Here are some tips for filing for unemployment benefits in Canada.

Before putting together your application you should make sure that you're eligible for these benefits. You must have paid into EI while you were working and have not lost that job through any fault of your own. You need to have worked a certain amount of days in the last year and this number changes if you have received EI benefits in the past. Lastly, you need to be willing and able to look for work to help get you back into the regular workforce.

You should apply for EI as soon as you have stopped working at your last job. You need to have been out of work to start receiving benefits but you can actually apply before your former boss has even given you your ROE. You can submit your application online or go to a Service Canada Centre. If you were only working a temporary post and have been on EI before than you will not have to reapply from the beginning. Applications are good for a full 52 weeks.

There are several documents that you will need to complete your application. You will find a list of them on the Service Canada website. You should make sure that you have all of your records of employment to keep the process speedy. This will definitely include your last job but you will also want to bring in everything from work since high school to places you have worked in the last two years.

When you're applying for EI you need to remember that this is meant as a temporary solution. Those reviewing your application will be looking for signs that you're still looking for work while you're receiving benefits. There are also several programs in place to help people on EI get back on their feet. You might be able to get funding to help you go back to school or could just be entitled to a career counselor who can help you find the right job listings and improve the layout of your resume.

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