When you hire a home inspector to check over your new house before buying it, you don't really get to see what they're doing in there. You just see the report on their findings. If there's not much to be found out about a given home, you could be forgiven for thinking that the home inspector barely glanced around the property before giving it his or her stamp of approval. But in reality, home inspectors - just like those you will find at Housemaster Boca Raton, FL; are hardworking professionals who really dig into the guts of the home they're inspecting to make sure it's a safe and solid investment for your family.

Say you called up home inspector and one of their employees came out to look at the property you're buying. If you could follow him around, you would see that he carefully inspects the home's foundation and structure to make sure it will hold up, both now and over time. He looks inside all the ducts that he can reach, inspects and tests the furnace and the hot water heater, looks into the effectiveness of the air conditioning, checks that the ventilation holes are all in the right place, and looks under furniture, in closets, in storage areas and inspection holes, trying to see evidence of infestations by mold, pests, or insects. And then he climbs up into the attic and onto the roof to check the support and insulation as well as the effectiveness of the roof at keeping out the weather.

All told, a home inspector's tour of the property can take between three and five hours depending on how much there is to look at. The bigger the house, the longer it will take. Just watch an episode of Holmes Inspection on HGTV to see all of the nooks and crannies that the inspector will get into. When the inspection is complete, you get a full report and run down on what the inspector did (or didn't) find. If your home inspector isn't as critical as Mike Holmes, it's a safe bet that the home you chose is a good one. When choosing a home inspection company, choose one with a guarantee. That means if the inspector misses anything that causes you problems after the sale, you get your money back.

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