What is a union? A union is an organized group of workers who come together to make decisions about the conditions of their work.

When trade unions started in the 18th century they were a way of regulating work conditions during the Industrial Age, when women, children and immigrants were being added to the work force. Today, they have become a relatively controversial topic throughout the world but are still in place in most of the Western World to offer provision of benefits to employees, the ability to bargain when there are labour disputes, and the chance to take industrial action if needed. While you might not be a part of a union if you're working in a small office, you likely will if you're working in a business with hundreds or thousands of employees.

Unite Here is a site for all of those that are interested in finding out more information about unions in Canada. You might be part of a union that is thinking of going on strike and are worried about the welfare of you and your family throughout this time. Or you could be a small business owner who is wondering if there is a national union to join for those in your profession. We can help you get the information that you need to both of these scenarios and hundreds more.

There are many laws in place that have to do with being part of a union and what that body is allowed to do. For instance, if you're working as a nurse in a hospital than you likely don't have the right to strike if you are in contract disputes. This is because you are offering a necessary service that your area cannot do without. If you have legal questions and are not yet at the point where you want to consult with union or class action lawyers than we may be able to help you here. We have information on your rights to join a union and collective bargaining laws that are currently in place.

We can also tell you more about the history of unions and how they have been used throughout the years. Some people may be wondering why or why not they're included in a union if they're working as a factory worker. We can show you who unions have benefited throughout the years and detail some times when union issues have gone wrong and even causes more harm than good. If you were thinking of becoming an active member of your union this would be a good section to browse through.

Those that are paying monthly into union dues that have never been in a strike situation might be wondering what those fees are paying for. We can tell you what unions are doing for employees in good times and in bad, whether you're working as a teacher or with skilled trades workers. We can also tell you what rights you have as a union member. This could be in relation to deciding whether or not to take action when a dispute arises or just planning what future union dues will go towards.

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